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More than ever before, immigration law has become an ever-changing area of law that is affecting all facets of our society.  ​If you or a loved one needs a visa, desires to immigrate, or wants to petition a family member or employee to the United States, give us a call. If deportation or removal is a present issue, do not hesitate in calling our firm to help you.


If you need help petitioning for a relative or spouse, please do not hesitate to reach out to our firm to see how we can help you throughout this process.


Did you suffer persecution in your home country due to political opinion, religion, race, gender, nationality or membership in a particular social group?  Give us a call now.


We have been privileged to have represented athletes, performing artists, managers, investors, and professionals in their journey to work legally in the United States.


We pride ourselves in our track record of fighting for individuals when they need us the most. Is a relative currently incarcerated by ICE? Do you have an upcoming immigration court date? Let us be there for you and with you.