Judge's Table


The courts that most people appear before are local municipal courts. Traffic tickets for speeding, careless driving, reckless, driving, truck violations, DWI, and red light tickets can increase insurance premiums and add unnecessary financial hardships to you and your family. We have experience defending our clients all over the State of New Jersey.

DWI (Drug and Alcohol)

We pride ourselves in our tireless, determined, and results-driven approach in representing countless clients when they need it the most. 


Do not let a speeding ticket cause you financial hardship with your insurance premium. There are defenses to these type of matters, and an experienced firm, like ours, can help you present them to the court.


These tickets usually result after some type of accident or property damage. They do carry points for any individuals who plead guilty to them. Call us to find out how we can help.


Whether you have been suspended for unpaid parking tickets or because of a previous DWI conviction, we can help to minimize further suspension. If you  have been given a ticket due to not possessing a NJ driver's  license, come speak to us to learn how we can remedy the situation.